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17-Sep-2017 14:24

Next enable the security type and settings that you are going to use.) it can't be created a second time, ISPs don't support that.

There should be only "Local Area Connection" there (and/or possibly "Wireless Network Connection").

From viruses and phishing schemes to sexual predators and dangerous misinformation from irresponsible news journalists, there’s a lot out there that can harm your child and your family that can’t be stopped through Big Brother-style monitoring.

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peenut..thanks for ur help..i did wat u ask me to do..then,at my right hand side,its empty like u said bfo.i close the console root,the save tab pop up..should i save the console1? wreless driver at my laptop or d wreless setting at the router? n fyi,mi wreless connection iare connection-enable wireless network..should be,i need to key in d password bfore able to connect d wreless..unfortunately d password box never appear..damnnnn.stuck!! thanks but i choose d right connection..suppose when i on d laptop,d wreless connection should be automatically connected.need to key in d password first.prob is dat i cant see any password box when the wreless are connected.info.network authentication should be WPA2-PSK like my 2 other laptop dat able to connect..however,my network authentication is 'open' and d list only have WPA, Shared and also WPA-PSK.it helping u guys in solving my probs? So I suggest ur try change the security settings on ur wlan router to suite ur current laptop.For the laptop all I did was typed in the SSID name and entered the WPA2 password in Broadcom utility and off I go.

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